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Just Quit It!

Society tells us that "quitters never win and winners never quit." They say to us "stick with it!" and "tough it out." There's a generation (or two) who have worked at the same company for 25+ years in hopes that their hard work and loyalty will be both recognized and rewarded. They pride themselves in weathering the storms of loveless marriages, dead-end jobs, and planting roots in the same soil they were birthed from. While there is something to be said for perseverance, for not giving up, and fighting instead of fleeing, there is also a great benefit in failing forward.  My generation has made a sport of quitting. We're staying at jobs for 1-2 years, adding new skills to our resumes and leaving on our own terms often to the tune of bigger salaries. Gone are the days of silently suffering through microaggressions and toxic workplace environments and feeling lucky to be employed. We're not staying where we are not valued and being undervalued

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