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Hair Wars

  I am part of the generation that has seen a $25 full-set and $100 box braids jump to upwards of $90 and $250 respectively. I don't believe in haggling with technicians or stylists no matter how outlandish I think their prices. Simply put, I make my choices based on what I can afford and who I want to pay. But, w hile $200 curly cuts and $700 braids have the community in a tizzy, I'm here to talk about the rhetoric. Natural hair has gained a lot of popularity and mainstream acceptance since I did my first big chop in college. With that popularity, has come tons of information both professional and anecdotal, and an equal amount of brand marketing directed at wavy, curly, and tightly coiled tresses. It's hard to sift through the overload of information when you simply don't know who to believe. Do you look to the influencer who appears to have similar hair to yours or do you put your trust in the stylist telling you to throw out everything you thought you knew about you

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