The Anti-Blogger

Truth be told, this is one of many blogs floating around the blogosphere with my name attached to it. I have never been a consistent writer. Scratch that. I have never been a consistent blogger. For the same reason that I have never been a consistent journaler. As a child, I started many a diary with the hopes of having a space to be my most authentic self, but time after time I became overrun with the fear of someone reading the ugly bits. So l would lie, omit, and rip out pages until the binding of my diary unraveled and I was forced to start anew. The same can be said for my blogging habits, except instead of a fear of revealing the ugly bits, I feared that no one would care what I had to say. So instead of lying, omitting, and ripping I started on a path of Buzz-feed adjacent lists on subjects I didn't really care about.

For me, writing is personal. Its inquisitive, explorative, and emotional. "10 Ways To..." and "3 Things You Should Know About..." may in fact be catchy, trendy, audience-grabbing subject lines, but I have never had anything worth saying about catchy, trendy, audience-grabbing matters. I'm the girl who wrote a poem that sent herself to therapy. And while my intent is not to have my readers reaching for a kleenex, I'd like to continue to be that girl. That provocative, thought-provoking girl who thought when her mother said "you need to choose your battles" that choosing every battle was a viable option. 

Now that you have read my villain-origin story, let me formally introduce myself. I am Ashlee, an anti-blogger and you won't find any listicles in my domain.

This is my hill, here I will die.



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